Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Alejandra...

3 weeks from today I will be on a plane for my move to China.

This morning I was reminded of how fagile our lives are here on earth. Oklahoma had horrible storms lastnight and 15 people lost their lives due to tornadoes and 50+ others are severly injured. And on my drive into work this morning I drove past a neighbors home that was bruned down to the ground. I don't know if the fire was storm related but their home was intact at 6pm when I drove home lastnight. So please pray for the families that have been affected by the storms here in Oklahoma.

But I am writing this post to ask for prayer for a beautiful little orphaned girl in Guatemala. Her name is Alejandra and my pastor and his family have been trying to adopt her for 2 years now. For those of you that are familiar with Guatemala they closed their international adoptions due to the Hague treaty and hundreds of families got trapped in the middle of their adoption processes with the Guatemalan government. This little girl within the past year has been relocated to a government orphanage (she was living in a privately owned orphanage that was ran by a loving staff but they had to close the doors because they were no longer receiving funds from adoptions and that was their lively hood.) And little Alejandra has been living in an orphanage for over 1 year now even though their is a family here in Oklahoma that has a place for her and already loves her. This family was within months of finally welcoming little Ally into their home when they were contacted about the adoptions being postponed. This family could have withdrawn their paperwork from the Guatemala government and chosen to try and adopt from another country but they are fighting for little Alejandra because they believe that she is their child and that they are her forever family. Due to some circumstances this family has found a glimpse of hope that their precious Alejandra will be united with them soon but is going to take a miracle. Please pray for the Himaya Family and little Alejandra. Please pray that God would work in this situation and that little Alejandra would be united with her forever family quickly. Pray that God would give the politicians in Guatemala a sensitive heart for this family and this specific adoption case. And that God would divinely lead the Himaya's lawyers with the words to say and they eyes to see.

Thank you for your prayers and for your hearts for the orphans in the world.

Love, Chrissy

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