Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little things here and there...

So I always want to write about a specific thing when I blog to keep myself from rambling off random facts about my day. But I've had a few requests about what my common day in China looks like so I thought I would give you guys the "run down" of my new life in China and just some fun random facts that I've learned about the city I live in.

-The kiddos are in school right now so CHF staff and volunteers (me and Julee) can really only hang out with the kids on the week nights and the weekends right now but CHF started their first english classes for the kids and the kids are doing amazing at learning English! Seriously they have been learning so quickly and Michael is a great teacher that keeps the classes very fun and engaging. But total we have 40 students taking the class.  But the kids are beautiful and so stinking smart! 

-Julee and I have a kitchen in our apartment but thus far all we've cooked is this healthy line up or tasty treats........... grilled cheese, scrambled eggs and macaroni and cheese. It's really sad but we don't know what else we can cook! We eat out a LOT just because it's almost cheaper to eat out than to cook but we are growing very desperate for food to cook. It's been very challenging to find the right ingredients to cook anything that I would usually cook at home. But I can honestly tell you that I would pay a lot of money for Mexican food right about now. :)

-Our toilet was fixed a few days ago! That was an exciting event. It's pretty silly/pathetic how excited I was that our toilet actually flushed and we didn't need to use a bucket anymore! 

-We haven't done laundry in 3 weeks. Seriously people, 3 weeks. We don't have a washing machine in our apartment and taking our laundry to get it done for us can get pricey so we have yet to do it. But good news, Julee, Mikey and I are going to go an look for washing machines today so that we can do our laundry. woo woo. 

-My cute little pink bike was out of commision for a few days due to the screws falling off my seat (the screws fell off when I was riding my bike home from the bike store that I bought it from) but luckily a good friend worked some magic and got it back up and running. 

-I think China is going to cure me from my motion sickness because every vehicle or form of transportation makes me sick to my stomach. But within the past week I've been blessed and haven't really been effected by the chaotic driving.

-We are taking language classes 3 times a week for 2 hours each class and it can be very overwhelming at times but I think we are doing a good job of picking up the basics so far but we have a very funny teacher that is great at putting up with our silly questions and lack of memory.

-Funny random fact, Chinese women want to be as fair skinned as they can. It's very attractive to be very pale in China. So everywhere Julee and I go people keep telling us we are beautiful. We were at the supermarket yesterday and actually saw face lotion with "whitening" in it. 


Here's a fun little video we shot in our apartment of a common day in our new home. Hope you enjoy!


  1. That video will win awards someday. Not sure what awards, but literally it will win some kind of award for like "Greatest video of all time" or something of that nature. Haha. China sounds interesting but fun. At least it keeps you on your toes. :)

  2. this is awesome and totally makes my day! different countries, same experiences. remind me to tell you my refirgerator story.

  3. you should totally do a video tour of your apartment.

    and i love reading about what you're doing!

  4. Awesome, I love it. "The randomness of China".
    Thanks for giving me a laugh. Be safe.

  5. Loved the video! I agree a video tour would be awesome. That is so crazy that women in China want to have fair skin, and Americans want to have tan skin, that just shows that humans are never happy with what they have and always want something different. Thank You for sharing!

  6. Okay:) I just have one question for you....are those people still in your apartment OR did they finally leave:)???? Too funny!!! You guys continue to find ways to just make me bust out laughing!!! Hope you are all well....we continue praying for our friends in Luoyang!!!

  7. It was great to see the video. You seem to be adjusting well to life in China. I couldn't be more proud of what you are doing and I consider myself lucky to be counted among your friends.