Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ms Matilda...

Matilda stole our hearts from the beginning. She is now 14 months old but she was brought home from the orphanage on the same day that I brought Cameron home. She was brought home to Starfish at 8 months old and she was severely malnourished. But other than that Matilda appeared to be in good health. And she quickly gained healthy weight.

She will keep you laughing and smiling all day long. She is one of the funniest and happiest babies you will ever encounter. And when she smiles her cute fat cheeks swallow up her eyes so all you see are her two teeth on the bottom of her mouth and her face all squeezed up tight smiling. She will most definitely melt your heart.
She loves Julee and I. And now recognizes us by our names even if we are not in the room. Which is always a fun thing!
After living at Starfish for 4-5 months Matilda got a nose bleed one day. Her nannies couldn't get the bleeding to stop for hours. After several more hours passing they rushed her to the hospital and were given very scary news. It turned out Matilda had a blood condition and the Doctors didn't expect her to live out the night. Everyone here was heartbroken.  
But by a miracle little Matilda survived the night and the bleeding stopped. Although she still might be living with the blood condition, she has not shown any signs since her first trip to the hospital. And I can assure you that we are all so very thankful for this sweet little girls health.

Julee and I have been with her almost every single day for the past 4 months whether teaching her new words or teaching her bad habits. (like how to make messy noises with her tongue)
But she is now saying, Mama, No and the rest is gibberish to us but I know it makes sense to her. She is crawling everywhere but has yet to walk. She takes steps with help but she hasn't worked up the courage to take steps on her own.

I love this picture because her little bed is right by the door so anytime we pass by she starts to giggle. Which is also a new development of hers. My favorite part about her giggling is that her eyes disappear when she giggles as well. This little girl truly has stolen my heart.

Ways to pray:
1.Please pray for her blood condition. Please pray that God would heal her little body and that her blood would flow correctly through her little body.
2. Please pray for her little spirit. She is so precious and so sensitive. Please pray that God protects her little spirit from being broken. She finds joy in almost everything and her joy spreads to all of us around her.

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  1. She is precious. Are any of the children at Starfish adoptable? Just curious.