Friday, October 16, 2009

28 days and toes...

Today I had a first.
I broke my first bone. (at least I think I did)
I broke my little toe on my left foot.
Traumatic news, I know.
22 years of my life lived without a broken bone and I was shopping in the super market today minding my own business pushing my "buggy" or cart and the man in front of me came to a screeching halt.
And therefore due to his unexpected stop, my foot slammed into the wheel of my cart.
So my poor little toe was the victim of a "cart hit and run".
And I was subdued into a moment of silence instead of screaming in the market.
I already stick out pretty badly but if I had screamed and cried, I might have drawn a little more attention than usual.
So that is my big news.
Vain, yes but painful, yes.

Onto more non-toe related news.
We have 28 days left in this country.
We have countdowns on our computers and are constantly reminded of our fleeting time here with our babies.
I started my countdown when I had 68 days left and now I'm in the 20's.
When I hear the number 28 it is always paired with dramatic music in my mind.
Titanic, Armegadon and Braveheart kind of dramatic music.
But I feel as if I'm stuck between two countries again.
(I felt this way right before moving to China)
I feel like my heart will always be at home in Oklahoma because that is where my family and friends live.
But I have now given pieces of my heart to babies and children here in China.

Have you seen the movie "A walk to remember"?
Cheesy, I know.
When they go on their first date together and he takes her to the State line.
And she's standing on the border of 2 places at once.
I feel like her beside I don't have a cute man and instead of a State line, I have a giant ocean.
It's a very strange feeling and I don't know how to explain it other than that.
I am ready for what lies in my future because I know that my Savior will be with me every step of the way.
But I have 28 days to give away as many hugs as I possibly can to the cutest kids in the world.

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  1. I am so sorry about your toe!!! I am impressed you kept your cool! I can't wait to see you before I leave the country! You are going to have to come and pay me a big visit in Turkey! I love you and I am praying that God will show you his might work through this bittersweet moment your life!