Friday, January 16, 2009

A Broken Record....

I find myself having the same conversations with people over and and over again since I've been back from China. (thanks to those of you that put up with me) But I feel like I'm a broken record when I catch myself talking about these kids repeatedly all day long.
I want so badly for the people around me to understand what I saw for the two short weeks I was in China this summer. So they could fully understand why I want so badly to return. If they had only met the children that I met or heard the giggles of the children that I laughed with, they would completely understand what it feels like to instantly love someone you just met. I'm not talking about "love at first sight" in the way that mtv would talk about. But a love that is so far beyond that. A love that I didn't even know exsisted in me before I met these beautiful kids. To meet a child and know that they were walking through this world alone without parents to help guide them or love them. And instantly love them because you simply have love to give. Over night I became an advocate for little children I hardly even knew. Because in short moments whether it was something as simple as making eye contact and exchanging a smile. Or giving a big hug or maybe even just spending an afternoon in the park with these kids, they completely changed my view on this world.
I kept finding myself saying to friends and family over and over again, "If you could just meet these kids, then you would know"

So I wanted to help you meet a few of the hundreds of orphans that I met this summer. Obviously seeing a picture is nothing like meetin them face to face but it's the best I can do while I'm still in Oklahoma. But once I'm in China I want to post videos of the kids regularly so stay tuned.....


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I'm so excited for you...can't wait to get your updates when you're there in the midst of it all :-) It was great talking to you and I'm glad you stumbled onto my blog! Great way to stay connected when you're overseas. :-)

  2. Well, I don't hear a broken record when you talk about it. Maybe that's because I'm no longer in Tulsa and you seem to like not speaking to me anymore. :) But every time I've heard you talk about China, about the children, I definitely understand it because of the sincerity and love for them that comes through in how you're speaking(or texting, for that matter). If love could be measured through speech, yours would certainly be off the charts for them. I look forward to seeing more pictures, and the smile that it brings to your face. The part that makes your absence for a year the easiest to handle is the joy that I know it brings you. You're doing God's work, and His gift back to you for that are those children.

  3. Nihaoma Chrissy,

    I found your blog via Julee H. and CHF!!!

    Wanted you to know that I don't think you sound like a broken record. I am a Mama to five children. My three youngest daughters were all born in China and adopted there. I think once you have been to China or any country with a large orphan population your entire look at life is changed.......forever, THANKFULLY:)!!!!

    So journey on Chrissy!! I, for one, will never tire of hearing what you have to say or seeing what you will share!!!

    Praying for God's blessings to cover all the children at Luoyang, as well as you, Julee, Mike and Michael!!!!