Saturday, March 14, 2009

a common day is uncommon here...

Today Julee and I had a free day so we took the bus to a shopping center/grocery store. But before we went shopping we ate at our first western restaurant to celebrate our 1 week marker. I had a cheese burger that tasted like a frozen meal and a cold coke... yumm......

Grocery shopping in China can be very, very overwhelming. Today is Saturday so they had tons and tons of promotions for different items of food and there were people at the end of every shopping row trying to get Julee and I to buy or eat their product. I'm trying to think of a good word to describe the grocery store today and all I can think of is "circus". But we filled our shopping cart full of random items we recognized and came home to a very dirty house. 

Since we've been in our apartment we haven't had very much time to "deep clean" anything so we took time today to scrub the kitchen clean as well as the bathroom sink. One word for both cleaning endeavours "grossness" but we had a successful cleaning experience. I'm not brave enough or emotionally stable enough at this point to try and scrub the toilet but I'm trying to work my way to there. (For those of you that don't already know, our toilet doesn't flush or have water in it. We have to "flush" our stuff down the toilet with a bucket) So needless to say the toilet needs some serious TLC.  And we are talking about the kind of TLC that takes an entire day. 

But after our exhausting/traumatic day we are rewarding ourselves with a feast of macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches. (Julee bought mac & cheese in Beijing and we are so thankful that she did because they have a VERY limited source of western food here in Luoyang)

But that basically sums up our day. I know I haven't posted much about the kiddo's yet but I will soon. Please keep them in your prayers though because there has been a sickness going around the orphanage this week and a lot of the kids are sick. With them being sick we are having to give them time to rest and get better. But please pray for them. It's zero fun being sick. 

Love, Chrissy


  1. The toilet sounds awful, but good luck w/ cleaning that. Glad you have some home comforts to ease the transitions. Mac n' cheese and grilled cheese is certainly American. Take care.

  2. Praying for the health of all the kids, as well, as those loving the kids:)!!

    Wow, Chrissy, I can only say, having been to China, that I do understand the amount of "cleaning" that lays ahead of you guys. I think tackling it little by little is good:) AND...just think when you guys finally show that toilet who is the boss.....just think how good you and Julee are gonna feel!! I'm sorry for some of these little comforts of home you guys are having to deal with or are missing. I for one so appreciate you being honest and real about your day to day life, it helps us to know how to specifically pray for you, Julee, Mike and Michael, as well as the kids!!!

  3. How do you get used to the time change?

  4. Praying for a smooth adjustment period. Can't wait to hear more about the kids!