Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pictures, pictures, pictures...

I always talk about the cute kids I get to work with so I wanted to share a few photos with you guys.....

Maggie, Ginger, Emily, Lilly, Melina, Eve
Some of the beautiful girls we got to take to the park.
Luoyang is known nationally for having a beautiful spring with tons of flowers to we took the kids to a park before the official "tourist" season.

Maggie and me. And I wish I had a lot more pictures of this park and the beautiful day we had with the kiddos but my camera died right after we took this picture. But you can check out to look at a few more.

Julee and I with our wonderful Chinese teacher. We love us some LJ. You know she has to been an amazing teacher if she has the patience to teach me Chinese. 
And she puts up with me and Julee being complete goof balls from time to time. 

This time only the "big kids" went to the park. 

And the pictures beneath this are all from the fingernail painting week. Julee and I bought finger nail polish for the girls and they had a BLAST painting their finger nails. Seriously a blast. Every night Julee and I left the orphanage with at least 3 different colors of finger nail polish. It was awesome.
But I wrote all about the fingernail painting in the CHF blog so if you want to hear stories go check it out.

Susan & Carrie

Alicia- this little girl has sass that goes for mile. I love it.

Emily & LeeAnn

15 tubes of fingernail polish + 4 containers of remover + 3 packages of paper towels = fingernail painting awesomeness

Ok before your minds start running let me stop you. We didn't encourage the boys to paint their fingernails but after 4 nights of fingernail painting the boys were wanting to get in on the action as well. So they painted their fingernails and they turned their painted fingernails into fighting weapons and super powers. Seriously it was so funny to see the girls all comparing colors and telling each other how cute their nails looked and then the boys on the other side of the room having super hero fighting matches with their painted "weapons". 
It was a amazing sight.

Little Timmy

Sweet little Lane

So obviously the girls were having fun with their nails so Susan decided she wanted to give me a hair make-over. Which sounds pretty cool right? But here's the catch, my hair was curly. My hair has been neglected for a month and a half now since I've been in China so a typical day is for me to curl my hair and then throw it up. My hair doesn't like combs because it winds up looking even bigger than normal. The picture is the proof. But Susan was diligent to comb out every bit of my hair and I braved through the tears. :)
Just FYI she did a fantastic job with my hair. It's not her fault my hair is un-tamable. 


  1. We have been following your blog everyday, and praying for you everyday. We used to say "We pray for our family in the US" but now we always say "We pray for our family across the world". We hope you have a blessed Easter!
    Love, the Greg Adams family

  2. Looks like you had fun. It is always interesting why boys want to get in on the fun w/ fingernail polish. When Corinne had a party at the age of 6, Ian insisted he get his nails done, too. So funny. Tim didn't think so, but he was only 3. Hope your camera works soon so you can supply us w/ more pics.