Friday, September 4, 2009


Aaron is almost 4 months old. When he was brought here to Starfish he was less than a month old. He has a cleft lip and a cleft palette. He was also very malnourished upon his arrival here. (you will learn that 99% of our children are malnourished when we first recieve them)
Aaron had beatiful thick hair when we first got home with giant holes buzzed out of it. But he was still a cutie. Aaron has a lot of issues while feeding because of his cleft palette/lip and it is a constant struggle to feed him. But thankfully he now lives here with wonderful women that feed him with great love and patience. 
Along with most of our cleft palette babies Aaron now wears a mold on the roof of his mouth that helps his cleft palette close over time instead of get more severe. He hates it! But it will help his little mouth heal itself a little before we can give him the proper surgeries that he needs. 
As you may have seen in his video- He's learned how to smile within the past few weeks! (ignore how crazy I sound in the video, but I had to let you guys see his little smile) And he's so stinking cute when he does! He use to only smile in his sleep and it drove us crazy because we wanted to see him smile at us. But now he smiles! 
Ways to pray:
1. Aaron has had a pretty severe chest cough and congestion over the past few days. Please pray that his chest clears and his breathing improves. And that his little body will heal itself quickly.
2. Aaron will be getting surgeries to help repair his  cleft lip and palette in a few weeks so please pray that his little mouth heals quickly and that God would guide the surgeons hands to do the best job that they are capable of. 

But really people, isn't he adorable? He's stolen my heart because he always smiles at his auntie Chrissy and I love him even more when he does. It's a selfish thing to enjoy but I would love him even if he didn't smile at me too.  

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  1. They are all so precious, Chrissy! Thank you for sharing them with us!