Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr Thomas...

As promised: Everyone Meet Mr Thomas

Thomas is almost 14 months old. He's lived at Starfish since he was 1 month old. He was brought to live at Starfish because he was severely malnourished. But Thomas also has a very severe heart condition. His little heart has more than one complication and sadly it looks like we still understand how severe his cardiac condition truly is. He has already had 1 heart surgery but has several more in his future. Mr Thomas (we like to call him Mr Thomas because he acts like a cute little old man) anyways Thomas also has an exposed bladder. Which literally means when he was in the womb his bladder formed outside of his little belly instead of being inside his skin protected from outside elements. His exposed bladder is constantly leaking urine and causes him to have severe digestive issues. So when little Mr Thomas has to go #2, most of the time he's in pain and has difficulty passing his stools.

This is Thomas on his 1st birthday! We had the luxury of being here to celebrate along side him for this very big birthday! Obviously he wasn't to excited about his party hat but he looked so cute in it, we had to take a picture anyways. But he did get his first tooth on his first birthday! So he had a little tooth to help him chew his birthday cake. Thomas has the biggest eyes I've ever seen on an asian baby and when he wants to melt hearts, you stand no chance against his puppy eyes. He giggles at most anything and loves holding a towel when he's lying down to take a nap. And despite ALL of the hardships and health problems this little boy has faced in his short life, he is a happy baby and a real delight to be around. 

Ways to pray:
1. Thomas went into the hospital a few weeks ago for a minor illness and came back to Starfish with a very nasty diaper rash. I helped change him yesterday and literally had to hold back the tears while he cried out in pain as we had to wipe him. With his bladder being exposed as well there were open sores all over his diaper area, a rash could become a very serious issue to his health so please pray that God would heal his diaper rash and protect his exposed bladder from forming any kind of infection.
2. Please pray for Thomas' heart condition. We are constantly reminded of what a little miracle it is that Thomas is still alive and giggling with us every day. He is a true miracle but please pray that God would heal his heart. Please pray that God would send the correct surgeons to China to preform the needed heart surgeries for this little boy. And that Thomas would grow up to be able to run, jump and fall every once in a while without any worries of his heart  condition.

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  1. I'm bawling like a baby...which always makes me pray harder! Kiss him for me!