Sunday, September 20, 2009

A day in the life... continued...

Karl being cute again. If you can't tell, I kind of have a crush on him.

The babies go on a walk every morning and afternoon since the weather is so wonderful outside. The babies love it, and 75% of the time they fall asleep before making it home. Stella and James were snuggling while Brian was wide awake screaming and wiggling.

Julia enjoying her bottle in style. And with babies comes tons and tons of milk. And tons and tons of bottles. So with this many babies all being on the same time schedule space is limited and arms are even more limited when it comes to feeding time so most babies grab a spot where ever they can stretch out. Bottle time is a beautiful time of the day as well. But recently the babies have decided its a fun idea to spill their bottles all over the ground and then draw pictures in the milk on the floor. It's a messy but amusing. (as are most things here)

One of the many bottle positions the babies enjoy while drinking their milk. Brian has trademarked this pose.

Soon after the bottle time comes "sleepy" time. Sadie passed out in the middle of the floor, being cute.

Nick was stuck between bottle time and sleeping time. So he chose to multi task.

Ok I know I have a problem. Another picture of Karl. His sweet Nanny was giving him an after noon snack.

Matilda after afternoon snack time. She's wearing half of her snack on her onsie still.

Clara and Tim. Tim is one of the kids on the edge of walking but in the mean time he occupies his time with pulling up on everything.

Carmen having fun in the bouncy chair. She has been extra smiley over the past few days.

Jamesy Poo being cute in his cute little shoes. His smile will melt anyone and everyones heart.

Bath time = chaos. 28 babies, 3 baby bath tubs, and 1 bucket. Yes you read that right, a bucket. Carmen had just gotten her bath and was feeling clean and fresh.

Noa loving her bath time.

And unfortunately along with being an average day of being at Starfish is sick babies. Poor little guys. River and Cameron were running fevers so they were stripped down to their diapers to be cooled down. But I couldn't resist taking pictures of their cute little bellies.

Cameron being all "studly" showing off his cute fat belly.
And this is the end to our average day.
I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures. I love these babies so I wanted to show them off.

*And about the Q and A blog post I will answer your questions in the next blog post. I didn't want you guys to think I'm overlooking it. *

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