Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A day in the Life...

I thought it would be fun to record an average day here at the foster home, so I carried my camera around with me as we went through our daily organized chaos.

The babies usually wake up around 7 or 8 so the madness begins early. But the mornings have become my favorite time of the day because the babies are usually always in great moods.
Here Karl, Libby and James we being amusing crawling all over the place.

Here Karl is being so stinking cute! He's started sticking his little tongue out the cleft in his lip and it's adorable.

The nannie's thought it would be fun to put Julee's glasses on some of the kids.
Do you remember when I said Thomas was the "little old man"? Now he looks legit. So cute.

After the morning "cuteness" most of the babies get a little sleepy before lunch time and have a tendency to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. Including the floors, couches, or their high chairs. But all of the kids are are growing up so quickly and they are hitting different fun stages, but this week the kids have all decided they are going to try and mimic us. So Matilda was patting Julee's leg since she was patting Karl's back.

Like I said, the babies are growing up. We have 2 walking, at least 4 on the verge of walking, 5 crawling and rest of them getting very close to becoming mobile. So Julee and I have become the human jungle gyms... and we couldn't be happier about it.

(I tried making this one blog post but it was to big with to many images so I had to split it up. So see the post below for more.)

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  1. you did it! i knew chinese internet was no match for you. your babies are too cute! thanks for showing them off.