Friday, September 25, 2009

Jamesy Poo....

Everyone meet James

James is a cutie with a capital C. He is roughly around 11 months old and he has a pretty severe cleft lip/palate.
He is a cuddly baby and anytime I pick him up now he always pats me on the back gently. When he does that I tell him thank you for his "love pats".
James has been known around the Starfish home as the constant comforter to the other babies and to the nannies. He's a genuinely sweet natured little guy.
I remember when I first got to the home I set out to kiss all of the babies with cleft lips on their faces. I wanted to let them know that even though their little faces were different than mine, that they were still beautiful to me.
And James specifically loves getting kisses. His little face lights up like a Christmas tree.

Health concerns for James: James has struggled with golden staff infections in the past and although he shows no signs of that virus now, it's most likely still in his system.
He's been hospitalized several times for his golden staff outbreaks and we are blessed to have this little guy still here with us. But other than the golden staff, James appears completely healthy.
He is going to be one of the 15 babies that we are planning on taking to Beijing in November for their cleft surgeries. So soon his little face should be repaired. I don't know if I'll be happy or sad on that day. I've fallen in love with his wide open smile and it will take some getting use to seeing his little lip repaired. But I'm also very grateful that he has an opportunity to have this surgery too. Life is full of bittersweet moments.
Ways to pray:
1. Pray for James golden staff infection. Pray that God would heal his body completely from the virus and that he would no longer struggle with it.
2. Please pray for his operation in Nov. Pray that his little lip/palate heal quickly and painlessly.

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