Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Kleenex box is my friend...

Hello my lovely's.
Normally I would be posting about one of my precious babies but I have been very sick over the past 2 days and I have quarantined myself away from our precious little ones.
(even though they were the ones that gave me the cold germ. Good thing I love them.)
But I have been doing a number on the kleenex box and I'm afraid my nose will never fully recover from the constant grossness. But on a lighter less gruesome note, I will be returning to posting about my babies when I fully recover.
I think I've said this before, but it is cruel and unusual punishment to be living right next to my babies and not be able to give them kisses or hugs.
But they are getting cuter by the hour and I can't wait to share them with you guys once again.

On a personal level, God has been teaching me a lot over the past few days. And more than teaching me, He has been sharing His truths and presence with me in a fresh and new way.
I was thinking about everything yesterday and got tickled about how we try to constantly shove our idea of who God is in a box.
I was "saved" at age 4, baptized shortly after.
(I was terrified to go to the "bad place" and that was the extent of my faith at that point).
I experienced Jesus in a relational way again when I was 15 and truly felt like that was my salvation moment. So much so, I chose to be baptized yet again to make my public declaration.
And here I am at age 22 and I feel like within these past few days I have had a similar experience all over again.
Truths that use to be only head knowledge are leaping off the pages at me and I can't seem to get enough.
I've felt as if I stumbled on the truth all over again and the eyes of my heart have been opened.
If while reading this you are confused, I apologize.
But I have just found myself fully delighted with my Savior all over again.
And I get tickled with the reality that I was all the way over in this "unchurched" country to have this kind of experience yet again.
He is so good to me and if I had the words, they wouldn't even begin to do Him justice.
I share this to thank those of you that have been faithfully praying for me over these past 8 months. I know how many of you have been faithful to pray for me and for that I am forever grateful.
With all the love in my heart I thank you, and now if you would excuse me, I have another appointment with my kleenex box. :)


  1. I understand about the kleenex box. I have been sick all week and so has Ian. Tim has decided to join the fun now and I am PRAYING that Corinne stays healthy. She has a play in less than a week. Hope you feel better.

  2. I know this is not related to the post but I was wondering how you are doing at picking up the language? I am trying to learn Mandarin then I plan on Cantonese after that, just wondering if while living there you are picking it up pretty fast?