Sunday, September 13, 2009

Palette vs Palate...

So first and foremost, I have a very embarrassing/hysterically funny thing to admit to you, my readers.
As you know I work with babies with cleft lips/palettes. But due to a wonderful friend informing me, I've learned some new information. 
There are 2 different ways to spell palette and palate.
The word"palette" that I've been using to describe the medical issue with my babies is actually describing a giant pile of wood. Unlike the palate which is the right usage of the medical condition that my babies actually posses. 
And since my babies don't have a palette of wood in the roofs of their mouths I will make sure to start spelling appropriately. 
*insert laughter here, it's ok to laugh, I already have enjoyed laughter about this mistake*
So I apologize to anyone and everyone out there that is blessed with the burden of being a great at spelling and thank you for still choosing to love me. And thank you Polly for pointing it out to me in a loving matter. :)
If I couldn't laugh at myself we would be in trouble. But lucky for you I keep myself laughing daily. 

Ok now onto more important news. Blogger hates me. Actually China might. 
Several websites are blocked from my viewing or using while using the internet here in China and unfortunately I have been unsuccessful to upload any pictures of my precious babies on Blogger for days now. And I don't want to feature one of my precious babies without showing you their beautiful little faces and chubby limbs. So as soon as I am able, the babies stories will return along with their chubby little faces. But until then I will give you a few updates on the latest news here: Clara, Joseph and Hosea will all be receiving cleft *PALATE* surgeries in 2 days.
As some of you might know, Starfish Foster Home houses 50 babies that all are in need of medical care at one point or another. And the majority of our babies require a surgery to better their lives and chance at a brighter future. But the government does not help us financially at all with providing these children surgeries. So through tiring internet searches and extensive networks of friends the director of Starfish searches for medical missions teams that travel through China that would be willing to operate on our precious babies. 
It is hard work to orchestrate surgeries for these children but they are worth the hard work. 
So we heard that there was a medical missions team from Canada in a town 45 minutes away from here on Thursday night and by Friday at 12pm we were loaded up in the taxis with 5 babies.
We took Brian, Antonia, Clara, Hosea and Joseph all to have their cleft palates examined for operation. (since they have already had their cleft lip operations all they need is for their palates to be operated on now)
Unfortunately Brian and Antonia are both struggling with chest colds so they will not be able to get their operations this time. :(
 But Clara, Hosea and Joseph will be receiving their operations on Tuesday.
So please be praying for them. Please pray for their doctors, their surgeries, and their speedy recoveries.
All 3 of the babies will have to wear arm braces for 2 weeks after their operations to help keep their hands out of their healing mouths so please pray for PATIENCE for the babies. 
And keep in mind that all 3 of these babies are under the age of 16 months, so 3 babies in arm braces for 2 weeks could be a long 2 weeks. 
We will take all the prayers that we can get. And we are thankful for every single one of them.
I will post pictures of the whole ordeal after Tuesday, even though you won't be able to see before and after pictures since it's inside their mouths. I will still post pictures of their cute little faces. 
Thank you for your prayers!

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