Monday, September 14, 2009

Walking with my man...

After several rainy days here in Xi'an the skies decided to show their beautiful blue faces and it was b-e-a-utiful.
Don't get me wrong I love rainy days, they are always soothing to this melancholy soul but it's always a treat to see blue skies in China. 
And while I was in the baby apartment I was holding Cameron by the window and he was also fascinated by the beautiful weather.
So I decided we needed to talk a walk together.

Can you believe how big he is now. It's often easy to see these children every day and forget the huge changes they have made from when they first arrive here at Starfish. But this young man is constant reminder of how miracles do happen here.

So with my main man strapped to my chest, we took a stroll through the apartment park area. Did I mention is was beautiful outside? And we have a great park area right outside our apartment. Cameron was taking it all in and talking to people along the way. Can you believe how chubby he is getting?

I couldn't help but have a reflecting time as Cameron and I took our long walk. 
5 months later and I'm carrying the same little boy that I thought wasn't going to live through the week. Through God's provision and grace this child was saved.
Not only was he saved but now he is chubby!
This little boy at 4 months couldn't bend any of his limbs due to malnourishment. He can now kick, roll around on his belly, and he can even hold his own head up.
The little boy that didn't respond to sounds or touch is now giggling anytime you touch any where near his ticklish belly. He makes eye contact with anyone talking in his direction and he is constantly cooing and talking to anyone that will listen.
 (of course it's all in his own cute little language) 
This little boy melts my heart and makes me weak at the knees. 
So much so, that I even let him hold my hand as we walked through the park.


  1. Oh! I'm sooo tickled! As long as their that can strap those men to your chest and take a walk anytime you want too! Give him a big zerber from his american grandmother! I love you!

  2. He is precious ... and so are you!