Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nava's heart....

Nava is a beautiful baby girl. She is around 8 months old and she has several heart conditions.
She is a very content child and can find entertainment out of almost anything.
She loves being in her bouncer and she has mastered how to bounce herself using only her legs.
You wouldn't believe how strong this little girls legs are, we call her "thighs".
(which now that I think about it isn't the most flattering nickname for a young woman but we mean it only in the sweetest way possible.)
Nava left this morning to travel to a different city in China for her heart surgery.
She has 2 holes in her little heart and another heart defect.
I wanted to post about her right away so I could have people praying for her all over the world.
We have all the hope in the world that Nava will return happier and healthier to the foster home. But obviously any heart operation has it's risks.
So please be in prayer with me over the next few days that Nava's doctors would be well rested, clear minded and operating at their full capacity on this little ones heart.
Please pray that there are no complications during her operation or her recovery.
Please pray for her nanny who is traveling with her to have peace during this time of stress.
And please pray that our little Nava's heart would be miraculously healed through either the doctors hands or our Fathers.
I will be sure to update you guys as soon as I hear any news.
Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. you just made my "adoptive college student older brother" and his wife soooo happy!

    i'm currently thriving off of facebook and home calls to the states after living through my first semester of medical school on the island of dominica. they're gonna be such great parents to this girl! and i had such a laugh when i could finally describe what the heart defects she had meant!

    my sister is in the process of suddenly "maybe" getting 3 new kids on top of 3 of her own.

    i miss the US.. i miss care. i want to heal, but i think this is a process of healing for me at this moment. i'd love to talk to you some day!

    my adoptive bro and sis.. they may be the ones gettin nava's heart :)