Friday, October 9, 2009

Funny mornings are the best...

So some mornings are just magical around here.
I don't know if it's because the planets align or if we feed the babies their favorite foods but when it happens, it's magical.
I walked into the baby apartment and saw so many of our babies doing hilarious/super cute thing.
I thought I had to share some of these photos, I took all of these within a 10 minute time period. Our babies are so cute.

Julia fell asleep in her feeding chair

This picture looks like Clara is being cute and giving Karl a hug but no. She's trying to steal his bottle. And as a average young boy he's clueless!

Caught half way through the act. Even though Clara is on Karl's back and holding his bottle, the poor child is still clueless to what's going to happen.

And this was when I had to step in and remove Clara from Karl's bottle. But she was still persistent to keep both eyes on his bottle.
Do you ever have one of those days when everyone else bottle looks tastier than yours?
Well that day was today for Clara.

Looked over to the other side of Julee and saw that Matilda is trying out a new style.
Low rise pants meet your match.

And then I turned around and saw this on the other couch. Tina and Thomas found their way into a box. Our kids are talented and cute.

Then Karl decided he would mangle Julee's hoodie draw string.

And then I saw Clara doing her normal morning stretches.

And Tim was trying to show her up.

And then Julee and I introduced the nannies to Jon & Kate Plus 8.
We thought the Nannies would like to see a women that had 6 babies in her belly at the same time.
Julee was right, they were impressed.

And while rest of the room was in chaos of cuteness/funny moments I looked to see Carmen holding half of the toys in her lap.

I love my babies. I love magical/random mornings here at Starfish.
I was just innocently walking through the baby apartment to try and get the milk out of the community refrigerator and stumbled upon all the cuteness of my babies.
What am I going to do when I own my own refrigerator in my own home.?.
Maybe I'll hire the Gosslein family to come and stay at my home so I can always see cute Asian babies on my trip to get milk for my cereal.

P.S. My mom has started keeping a blog and I love her so I thought you guys should read it.

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  1. this could totally be a children's it!