Sunday, October 25, 2009

Slides and Craziness...

Those of you that are my facebook friends might already know this but.......... we found a SLIDE.
It's in our apartment complex park and it's been there this whole time.
But due to the MASSIVE apartment complex that we live in, we just stumbled in on it a few days ago.
And I can now confess that I am addicted to sliding.
(words that you thought you would never hear me say, huh?)
Actually I addicted helping the babies go down the slide.
We decided to take a few extra kids on the afternoon stroll through the park a few days ago and this is what we looked like.

Not a bad looking group of people. Both big and little.
I got tickled at the fact that we kind of looked like a "stroller gang".
And believe me, our babies and nannies could probably give a true biker gang a run for their money.

So many little faces. Most of them are all occupied in this picture by the crackers in their hands, on their faces or on their neighbors back.
A family that loves each other, shares with each other.

Me and Stella going down the slide for the first time.
I was so impressed with our babies because every one went down the slide and NO one cared at all.
We have such brave little babies.

Brian and his nanny. We also learned on this day that Brian can now climb up steps all by himself.
To our surpirse we turned around and he was half way up the stairs on his way to slide again.
After screaming in shock/fear it was quickly followed by shrills of joy because he seemed to enjoy the slide as much as his Aunt Chrissy does.

Tim's sliding style.
That is one thing I know after living here for almost 6 months.
Every single one of these children have their own style and way of doing things.
This picture basically describes Tim's.
Love him.

Aunt Julee and Matilda going down the slide.

And sweet Thomas smiling the whole way down.

I found myself thinking about how precious these little ones are to me on this infamous "Slide Day". And even though I love them with everything in me, how I wished their "forever families" could be here with them instead of me.
I want these babies to have every opportunity of a "normal" childhood and a loving one at that.
But I want for their families to be able to have these experiences with their children.
So I decided I will love them while I have them and I will take them down as many slides as they want.
And then I will let their "forever families" take care of them through their teenage years.
Because I seem to remember that whole experience kind of feeling like a slide at times too.
I think it sounds like a fair trade.
But still I took pictures for their families so that one day when they do finally have their forever families, their parents will be able to catch up on how much love their child received here.

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  1. I can tell by their faces, the babies had a blast! They are some cute babies!! I love the picture of all of them in the strollers. You did a great job of getting them to look! I will be praying for these precious children and their forever families!!