Monday, November 2, 2009

Blessing others with our blessings...

Well even with Halloween in our past, things have remained SUPER busy here @ Starfish.
This a completely random/pictureless blog post but it's something I wanted to write about before it was to late.
First let me go on record saying this: I HATE (hate, hate, hate) asking anyone for money.
I know, contrary to popular not all "missionaries" enjoy taking your money and asking for your money.
Some of us despise the very thought.
And I know the state of the economy at home and everywhere else in the world.
I know that it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet.
So this post isn't asking you for money, but it's giving you an opportunity to bless 47 babies with your money.
I'm leaving Starfish in less than 2 weeks.
You've heard my stories, you've seen these precious babies and I hope that my experiences have helped you with putting names and faces alongside the word "orphan".
I think that's one of the most valuable things I've learned while living in China working with orphans, that when we stop seeing the children as an orphan and start seeing the child as an individual personality and soul with a name, then we are able to truly LOVE these children like He does.
To see past the name orphan, refugee and widow.
And to open ourselves to the heartache, to let our guard down and choose to love someone even if they can't love us back or even if they don't know how to love us back.
To hear our Savior's call to love and choose to love, no matter the pain.
Not because they need our imperfect love, but because we received perfect love when we were unable to love back or before we understood how to love.
Because He choose to love me when I was an orphan and He chose to adopt me into an eternal relationship with Him.

But when I first started writing about the babies I stated that I wanted for my family and friends to have the opportunity to pray for these babies individually and to consider financial support.
Now is your chance.
If you want to give a financial gift to Starfish Foster Home, I will present Amanda (the director/founder) with any money given before I leave China.
I just wanted to give my readers a chance to be able to bless this amazing place that I've called home for the past 6 months now.
You know the faces, you've heard the stories and You serve the same God as I do.
And our God loves these babies even more than I do. (hard to believe I know)
So that's that.
Even though I'm the one living here, you guys have been with me every day while I've been here.
Through prayer, encouraging words or financial gifts.
And I know that you have the same heart beat for these children as I do.
And I wanted to give you an invitation to participate even more than you already have.

*So if you would like to help me leave Starfish Foster Home a love gift before I leave China please send your checks to my home:

Janet Adams
5694 W 161 Street N
Skiatook, Ok 74070

Write in the Memo that the check is for : Starfish Babies
And I will make sure that your gift gets to Amanda and the foster home. I will be leaving China is a matter of 12 days so please send your checks before 11/10. I will make sure that your gift is left with capable hands and 47 mouths. :) *

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