Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Off to Beijing...

Well friends, our time has come.
We are flying off to Beijing tomorrow morning to take our cleft lip babies to have their surgeries.
I am excited and sad all at the same time.
But I know that even though their little smiles aren't going to be the same, that their lives will forever be changed for the better.

I remember when I first moved to China I heard one of my friends say that he loved cleft lip babies. And I remember thinking to myself "what a strange statement to make" and now I COMPLETELY understand.
When a cleft baby smiles you find yourself smiling.
Their smiles are sent from our Father in heaven to remind us that we have a little piece of heaven here with us.
They are precious to Him and precious to me.

But we are taking 12 babies to Beijing and 12 volunteers.
FLying with babies, taxi's, hotels, hospitals, surgeries, recoveries and traveling all over again.
Please lift us up in PRAYER over the next few days.
Please pray that ALL of our babies are healthy upon arriving to Beijing and are eligible to be operated on.
Please pray for health, a clear mind and peace on all of the volunteers that will be responsible for a baby 24 hours of every day for the next 5 days or so.
And please pray that God would guide our travels and that we would have a very enjoyable traveling time period.
A lastly please pray for the doctors hands, pray that God would allow them to preform at their highest potential and that the surgeries would all go smoothly without complications.
I will most likely be off the radar over the next week or so but if you need to contact please do so through e-mail : Chrissy.nicole.adams@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your prayers! And I will be sure to take as many pictures as I can!
Thank you for such amazing readers and friends.
I will take any and all prayers for myself over the next 10 days since I will be mourning leaving my babies and leaving my life here in China.
I can truly say that with all the tears that I will cry over the next few weeks, I will laugh more.
We are not short of joy and laughter with all these babies running around.
They are truly a delight to anyone blessed enough to be around them.
I'm truly blessed beyond measure.


  1. Oh, sweet friend...I will certainly be praying!!

  2. Praying all the way! Oh I'm going to miss all your posts of your starfish babies when you leave!!