Sunday, March 1, 2009

head cold and packing...

hello blogging family......

I have had another busy/stressful week...

-I've had a horrible cold for 4 days now. gross..
-I got a speeding ticket yesterday for $190. Oklahoma is mad at me for leaving
-My wonderful family is all together and partying at my house this weekend
-I've eaten more food in the past 3 days than I should in a week (although I can't really taste any of it since I'm sick.)
-I still haven't packed my bags at all yet
-I felt my new baby niece kick in her mommy's belly for the first time
-I was pr-yed for by my ch-rch and family this morning. I'm going to miss my ch-rch. (I cried my eyes out)
-My dog had his 11th birthday party, cupcakes and all. (I know its sad)
-I bought all 4 seasons of The Office to take with me to China and I've honestly never even watched an episode of it before so I'm crossing my fingers that I will like it.
-I had a wonderful girls night with 2 of my closest friends at Cheesecake Factory last night

The roller coaster of emotions has officially begun. I thought I was already on the roller coaster but I realized I have just been waiting in the line for the ride until today. 3 days from moving away from everyone I love and the country I love to blindfully follow G-d into a country that doesn't want me there. (of at least their government) 

But G-d is good and I have a peace that surpasses ALL understanding. Thank you for your pr-yers. For the first time in my life, I can feel your prayers. I am constantly thinking to myself "People must be pr-ying for me because I normally would be freaking out in this situation" So thank you for your faithful pr-yers and loving support. I don't know where I would be without you...

Love, Chrissy


  1. So, God must be making me feel your pain, because I have been sick since Friday. It stinks. I can't imagine feeling this bad and having to pack, as well. Oh well, God will sustain you. I will miss you, my friend. Did you get my invite to my blog? That way you can check on our adoption progress while you are away.

    I pray protection over you as you embark on this awesome journey. May God's peace continue to cover you as you leave here and arrive in China. I also pray for open hearts for you to show God's love. May many people be blessed because you said YES.

  2. I pray that God would bring you peace in knowing that this is what he wants from you! Great job in following him! I know that you will gain so much more than you are giving.

  3. Chrissy I love you . I made a blog keeping you updated on things gooing on with the girls and I ... Im going to miss you