Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Learning the little things...

Things I've learned since being in China:

-That most Chinese people think all Caucasian people look the same.
-That the birthday song is not a rare song for special occasions such as ones birthday here in China but it is an anthem for the trash man and a ring tone for alarm clocks as well.
-I don't think twice about using the tap water.
-Asian babies might be cuter than any other babies.
-Most Chinese people that we've talked to like President Obama.
-I'm horrible at speaking my native language.
-I'm even worse at Chinese.
-I walk daily in some one's spit, poop or pee. Since all of these activities take place on the sidewalks.
-The Chinese family unit is a very strong thing. 
-People here love learning new things.
-The kids I work with are probably the cutest kids that are on this planet right now.
-Everything I thought I knew before moving here has most likely been challenged in one way or another.
-My faith has been at it's strongest and at it's weakest since being in this country.
-I've learned how deep my love for Mexican food really is.
-I've learned how to keep an orchid and banzai tree alive for 2 months now.
-I've learned how to communicate without speaking.
-I'v learned Chinese women want to be as pale as possible.
-People tell me daily that I'm beautiful because I have a long face, bigger eyes than the average Chinese person and because I am frighteningly pale.
-I've learned I'm not as flexible as I always thought I was.
-I've learned how thankful I am for Coca-Cola being in China.
-I've learned that I have an almost impossible name for the average Chinese person to pronounce. (Mom & Dad I'm afraid that's your fault, but I still love you)
-My new Chinese name is Ai Tong which means "love's kids" (Tong Tong for short).
-I've learned talking about religion or spirituality will get you no where if action isn't paired with it.
-I've learned the names of the 5 in the Jackson Five.
-I've learned that a smile, a hug, or a kiss from a child can make the darkest day a lot brighter.
-I've learned karaoke is no joking matter in China. KTV is a way of life.
-I've learned how much I love the smell of laundry detergent.
-I've learned that I am an extremely self fish person.
-I've learned that I love blind babies, dwarf babies and babies with tumors on their tongues. 
-I've learned that Philippine nurses are my hero's.
-I've learned that sunshine can melt away a hard heart.
-I've learned that Chinese cell phone speakers are louder than my car stereo at home.
-And I've learned that even when God's presence isn't overwhelmingly present that you have to pursue it with everything in you. But it's none the less sweeter.
-I've learned how to love greater and I've seen true love in it's rawest form.

I've learned a lot since being here and I can assure you the learning is far from being done...


  1. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I know that it will grow immensely over the next months while you are there. Think of how much you will have learned by the time you return to the US.

  2. I agree with you Asian babies are the cutest!! That is funny that they think all caucasians look the same because that is what most of us think about them. Thanks for sharing what you are learning while in China!

  3. a. you are one of my favorite people.
    b. my name is equally impossible for arabic speakers.
    c. i LOVE your chinese name.
    d. i love you!

  4. I LOVE your name! That is soooo amazing, I wish I was there with you right now and could call you Tong-Tong to your face. That has to be the most amazing name I have ever heard and it fits you amazingly well. I love your heart, I love you and I love this post a lot. I miss you tons. I am so excited at how God is working through you for those kids and through those kids for you. It's just amazing.