Friday, April 24, 2009

Washing Machine Holiday....

So this past week has been a whirlwind.
Seriously, I have no idea what I've done on which days because at this point they've all started running together. But in the midst of the madness I have one day that stands out like a beam of sun light.
(are you ready for a really spiritual post)
The beam of sunlight in my life this past week was getting this beauty.
Take a moment to soak in this wonderful machines beauty. 
I'll give you a few moments.

Yesterday on April 23 I became a mother to a wonderful washing machine.
We've now been living in China for almost 7 weeks. 
And out of those 49 days we had only washed our clothes 2 times.
Because we didn't have a washing machine in our apartment we had to borrow our lovely friends washing machine and hike all the way across town with all the laundry we owned. (because Luoyang doesn't have laundry mats)
Which to those of you out there that are critical thinkers, this sounds easy enough but imagine....
having to tow your HUGE bag of 3 week old laundry down 5 flights of stairs to walk to catch a taxi, then to throw the laundry into the back of the taxi and take a 30 minute taxi ride to the other side of town. Then our WONDERFUL friends ( that live on the 2 floor of their apartment building ) allowed us to completely inconvenience their lives by taking a few hours out of their afternoon to do our laundry. 
Oh and did I mention China doesn't believe in dryers?
So after taking a few hours to wash all of our clothes in one setting we had to load up our now even heavier wet laundry and carry it out of the apartment complex to catch a taxi. Return home on the 30 minute taxi ride to then be faced with the daunting 5 flights of stairs again.
So after explaining how precious this machine is I'm going to leave you another chance to take in it's beauty. 

I'm not obsessed with this piece of machinery but I'm very thankful God is allowing me to be it's temporary mother. 
I will do my best to make sure that it's filters stay clean of dust or dirt. I've even given it a piece of our already small bathroom so it could have a cozy living space. 
Not that love can be measured but I have given up 3 1/2 feet of my 5 foot showering space to help this machine have a prime location. 
How's that for love?

p.s. for those of you that helped me financially to live here in China you probably have had problems reading this post because you saw the washing machine price tag. Let me comfort you with the fact that this was on a massive sale. We only paid 1,032 rmb ( 7 rmb go into 1 US dollar) And we then split that washing machine 3 ways since I will not be the only adoptive mother of this machinery.
 So in total I spent $35 US dollars.
Not bad, right?
So feel free to resume reading my post after the price tag picture now with your new found wisdom. 
 :)  Love, Chrissy


  1. Girl I totally get it. Enjoy your new friend :)

  2. You are so funny!!

    Your purchase was MORE than justified and much needed!'s a sign of getting older when you get that excited about an appliance.

  3. Love it. So happy for you. In life it is truly the small blessings that we must embrace, because it isn't very often that huge ones come our way. I would be posting about a washing machine too, if I had to go that long doing what you have done for the past 7 weeks. However, I would have probably gotten one a little sooner, you are quite the pioneer woman.

  4. Congratulations!!! It's a "WASHING MACHINE"!!!! You honestly are just aglow in the pics:)

    Happy laundry day!! Now...if we could just do something about the dryer could have like twine!!!! Double Happiness...a favorite in China!!!

  5. OOPS...I meant "twinS".... :-)

  6. Wow how exciting. You are so funny! If they don't have dryers do you just hang all the cloths outside? Thanks for sharing this, I will be more thankful for the connivence of my washer and dryer (and I use my parents so I don't even have to pay). Enjoy, and there is no doubt you will be a wonderful mother to it!

  7. :) I'm so happy for you! I was expecting a post like this after your fb are awesome! Enjoy your clean clothes!

  8. That was a fun read...thanks, you would have been justified in the need for a washer even without the financial breakdown though! I am so glad you got it and know that it will save you lots of valuable time to spend in other ways. I love your posts, they're a joy. Blessings, Michelle Murry