Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving Day....

Well it's been quite a ride.
We've been living in Luoyang for over 3 months now.
It's funny because it's easy at times to forget that I'm living in China but then all I  have to do is visit and meat market and I'm quickly reminded of the fact that I'm living on foreign soil.

You might find this barbaric *it is* but this week I was so proud of myself because I picked up raw chicken breasts directly out of the misc meat section of the supermarket. It's a challenge to find ANY kinds of meat pre-packaged or pre-frozen here. Most, if not all markets have carcases lying around where you touch and exam the carcass and then proceed to tell the butcher which piece of the meat you would like. Or they just have tons of meat cut up sitting open on dry ice (or sometimes not on ice)
So I finally braved the meat section of the market and dug into the meat section with both hands, like a real woman.
And rest assured that moments after my triumph in the meat section the Germ-Ex was out and applied. 
4 times.

These past 3 months have been VERY eventful in every aspects of our lives. We came to work with the CHF and orphanage here in Luoyang
But situations have arose and doors have been closed.
These children are beautiful, this city has become home, and these people have become family.
When we originally unpacked our luggage we intended on not packing it all back up again until we had remained in Luoyang for 1 year. 
But we will be packing it up again tomorrow. 
Doors and opportunities have been closed for me to remain in Luoyang and serve at the capacity that I feel like I'm called too. 
So after prayer, prayer and more prayer.
I am moving to Xi'an to work alongside the Starfish Foster Home.
This decision comes with loads of mixed emotions.
But I can honestly say Hope, Excitement, Joy and Anticipation are my top 4.
And Gratefulness.
I'm grateful to have met the people and the children here in Luoyang and to have been a part of the CHF team.

So I'm leaving Luoyang with a thankful heart and an eagerness to see what adventures lie in my path. And a grateful heart, that no matter what may lie in my path, I'll never face it alone. 

Oh and did I mention their are the most BEAUTIFUL children at Starfish.?.
I must make haste to Xi'an
because they are waiting for Auntie Chrissy to come and change their adorable stinky diapers. 


  1. Aww, enjoy the beautiful babies!

  2. Have fun on this next leg of the journey.

    It is your mom's friend, Julie, from Belgium! I had a nice chat with your sweet precious mom. She gave me an update on you and then I went investigating and found you! Yes, call me Nancy Drew!

    The chicken story made me laugh---when I first arrived here I went to buy chicken breasts---in fact, until I moved here I thought chickens had 6 breasts as that is the way I always bought 'em! Well, after one trip I realized those were some mighty expensive Chicken boobs (hey, that's what your old stroller pal Tom calls them, with a gleam in his eye!) All of a sudden I am really likin' that dark meat, as I buy whole chickens now---who would've thought! And no dryer. or freezer--not even a small one. And a fridge that is just over three feet! HA!!! But I am thankful and grateful for the sunny days to dry our clothes the exercise in walking to our market several times a week. And the tray of ice cubes that our friend who lives a mile from us has brought a couple of times--walking with at least two little ones and in the rain! It's the little things that bring great pleasure---and now when I start to mully-grub about not having some kind of convenience God has you to remind me that I've got it pretty good!
    The next time you talk to your mama have her give you my email addy--it's not for chit-chatting purposes either! I have a couple of questions. (I'd email your mom and ask her for your addy but you know how she is about replying!!!)
    Okay, gotta run...glad I found you...and now I will leave you with a quote from my now 2nd favorite China missionary, Gladys Aylward: “If God has called you to China or any other place and you are sure in your own heart, let nothing deter you….Remember, it is God who has called you and it is the same as when He
    called Moses or Samuel.” Isn't that wonderfully out of this world, awesome to think that you were called by the same God who had a heart to heart talk with MOSES!! or SAMUEL, for goodness sake! You are in some pretty high cotton, girlfriend!
    Okay I leave you with a Word: His children will have a place of refuge. Prov. 14:26 (I sense a double meaning here...)
    Love you,