Thursday, October 1, 2009

I love going on walks..

Have I mentioned how much I love the fall weather? Today was a beautiful day and we took the kids on their daily walks through our apartment complex park. Taking walks with the kiddos have become the highlights of our days. The weather is amazing and our babies are getting big enough to really enjoy themselves.
Anyways I took pictures during an average walk today.

Tim being cute on the park bench.

The kids are usually double or tripled in these strollers so it can be a tight fit. But we all love each other, so we don't mind.
Antonia, Brian and Stewart

Nadia leaning on her buddy Julia


Brian has officially started walking this past week.

We turned around the see Antonia making a run for it. :) She was the first baby downstairs to start walking and now every one is trying to be as "cool" as Antonia. This is a good picture of our apartment complex too. We live in a very nice area.

The older kids from upstairs joined us on our afternoon park. Between our 2 stroller gangs we had over 20 kids outside.

Cameron hanging out with me.

Faith and her sweet nanny.

I love this picture. Virginia is so stinking smiley. Adorable.

So there is a short story to the next picture. The kids are always watching each other and mimicking each other at every corner. So Tim decided to throw himself on the ground in a "fit" throwing frenzy and somehow I managed to catch him pre-fit throwing in a very funny pose.

Not so funny pose. He was being a little ridiculous so I decided to take a picture and then handle the situation shortly after. He's still a sweetie. Just a cranky sweetie in the late afternoon. :)

So back to the funny story. Antonia was feeling a little emotionally needy and watched Tim throw himself on the ground and get attention due to his trashing on the pavement. So she calmly decided to lay on the ground about 10 feet away from him. And she patiently waited for us to come and assist her as well.

Calean handing me a rock.

Calean and Julee smiling for me and Breanna and Lucas playing regardless.

I love going on walks with the kids. It's a constant party. Always someone to giggle at, someone to comfort or someone screaming. And somehow the weather makes this already enjoyable experience that much more enjoyable.
I'm thankful for my kids and my life here in China with them.


  1. Oh so sweet Chrissy! They are so adorable, I just want to jump on a plane to China right now and snuggle and love on every one of them! Pretty sure you've got the coolest gig in the world there.

  2. I am convinced you need to bring Faith home to me!! I think she is adorable! I am praying for you as you have to try to leave those sweet babies! I love you!