Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tim the big teddy bear...

Everyone meet Tim! I love this video of him because it shows you how fun loving this little boy is. Tim is around 16 months old. (it's so hard to keep up with babies ages after staying with them for 6 months) But anyways Tim is a sweetie. He is one of the oldest kids in the downstairs apartment and he keeps us laughing. If you'll remember a few weeks ago I posted pictures of an afternoon walk that I went on with the kids and I took a picture of Tim throwing a fit on the ground.

Love that picture.

Tim doesn't throw tantrums very often but when he does, they are usually epic. But usually I always call him the giant teddy bear. Tim has a very distinct looking cleft lip that protrudes out of his mouth. But other than his cleft lip and palette, Tim is healthy. Tim's laugh is contagious. Now that a lot of the babies are getting older we have the luxury of sitting back (at times) and enjoying watching them play with each other. With 28 babies all living in one apartment sometimes you feel like your bending over backwards to entertain several children at the same time. So it's been WONDERFUL to watch the older babies play by themselves and get tickled at watching one another do goofy things. There is nothing cuter than seeing these babies play with each other and enjoy each others presence. We definetly feel like a giant family and we always joke about Tim and Brian thinking they are twins. They are the 2 oldest boys in the home and they are the "cool kids". Tim will be one of the babies that we will be taking to Beijing in November to have surgeries.We will be taking 15 of our babies on the journey to repair their little mouths and lips.

15 babies + 15 volunteers + planes/trains/taxis + hospital for surgeries = my plans for November 5-10. Any and ALL prays welcome.

But I am very excited for Tim to be getting his surgery. This poor little guy has been scheduled to have his cleft lip surgery 3 times before but every time missed out on the opportunity due to illness. If our babies are the least bit sick, they don't get surgery. So please be praying that ALL of our babies maintain superb health over the next few weeks so that they can all travel to Beijing and receive them much needed surgeries. Although I love Tim and his little smile now, I want what is best for him and I want him to have every opportunity that he can have at a better life. So I will miss his little crooked smile but I will be thankful for his new little picture perfect smile.


  1. they are all either adoptable or being processed to be able to be. the kicker about adopting from China is that you (usually) don't have any say on what child you adopt. the Chinese government matches you with a child. so if you wanted to adopt a specific child, you would most likely not be able to. :( (unless some kind of miracle occurred or you found some kind of loop whole)