Saturday, October 3, 2009

Responding with love...

Hello my lovely friends.
Today I'm updating my blog on the latest events happening here with the foster home because it's been an interesting past few days.
As you may or may not know, this particular foster home is actually ran out of apartments in an apartment complex. We have 2 units, 1 on the 5th floor and 1 on the first floor.
The foster home is set up this way because 4 years ago when Amanda received her first 6 babies she simply took them into her own home and cared for them.
4 years later she still cares for babies in her own apartment and has taken in so many babies over the years there was a need to more space. So now we have 2 apartments.
But over the past few weeks there have bee several issues with neighbors.
And unfortunately things have gotten very ugly.
The neighbors have made it OVERWHELMING clear that they want us to be evicted from the apartment complex.
Without going into the dirty details and rant and rave about how these people are being completely heartless I'm going to ask you to do something more productive.
I'm going to ask you to pray with me.
1. Please pray that God would give us wisdom on what the next step should be.
2. Please pray that God would give us peace and forgiveness towards the neighbors in this building that have falsely accused us.
3. Please pray that God would change the hearts of our neighbors so that they would be willing to sit with the Director and have a positive discussion.
4. Please pray that God would protect our belongings and foster home property.
5. Please pray that God would direct the Directors footsteps daily into a new living space.
6. Please pray that through out this whole drama filed process that God would continue to keep His hand over our home and our babies.

I ask you to pray because I believe in the power of prayer.
You are making a difference in these babies lives through your prayers.

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